Sean Broadley

Sean is one of those people who loves to argue. I don't think it matters a hell of a lot to him which side of the argument he's on, just as long as there's an argument happening. I don't mean that Sean is one of those obnoxious gits who likes shit-stirring for the sake of making trouble -- rather, he's one of those people who believe in the power of logic and rationality to structure an unassailable position on any given subject. Poor deluded fool. Anyone with a grain of common sense knows that a truly unassailable position requires a complete lack of logic and rationality, as witnessed by the hordes of tediously self-righteous religious lunatics in the world.

Sean, having successfully waded through the educational morass of Canterbury University, is now married to a charming woman named Susan and has spent the last few years living somewhere in the USA, doing some more brain-stuff. He's now back in New Zealand, living and working in Wellington.

What is it with all these people heading off to Auckland and Wellington? Come back! All is forgiven!