Mike Campbell

I first met Mike through the Christchurch Wargaming Society, back in the days when I was keen on playing with toy soldiers, and later on I was at Canterbury University with him. Mike and I share a background in the Territorials, though Mike was in the Engineers while I was Infantry. We also shared a prediliction for getting very, very drunk as often as possible, a common trait among our social group back in the old days (the "old days" being about ten years ago). He brews beer, and though his early attempts were of (shall we say) variable quality, he's gotten reasonably good at it over the years and I'm no longer as frightened when he brings out his latest concoction.

Since finishing university, Mike's been working for various airlines as an aircraft engineer and as a quality-control bloke. Exactly what that entails, I have absolutely no idea. I suppose he controls how much quality goes into things, or not, as the case may be. "Hey! This airline food has quality in it, remove it immediately!"

Mike is another one of those people who likes dressing up and doing the SCA thing. I don't know whether he's still active in the world of make-believe, because he and Christine, his partner, have moved away from Christchurch to the wilds of somewhere else (Nelson, maybe? I must have an address somewhere...) and have babies and things. Another sad loss.