That's pronounced "Jay-Ess-Arrrr", not "Jisserrr"

John Scott Russell, also known as John, or Scott, or Russell, or The Defendant, is the Spawn of Satan. He is, according to popular mythology, Evil Incarnate. He will stop at nothing. He will stoop to any despicable act.

He has a motorcycle, however, so that's all right.

Scott is a God when it comes to fixing broken computer stuff -- this used to be a Good Thing®, since I appear to emanate some sort of anti-computer field which has catastrophic effects at vulnerable moments in my machine's career, such as when I'm trying to reinstall Win95 for the umpteenth time.

Unfortunately, he's one of those worthless traitors who has abandoned the green and pleasant land of Christchurch in search of Money, and has gone off to Auckland, where he went to work in some Highly Important Capacity for IHUG. This was annoying on so many levels.

He's now (as of Feb 2001) left the all-encompassing bosom of the 'hug and is instead spending his days and nights lolling about in his hot-tub, getting all sodden and wrinkly like a giant white raisin.

He has an inexplicable (and, to my mind, unhealthy) fascination with "Sailor Moon", and even owns a genuine Moon Wand. There's no accounting for taste. In spite of this abberation from rational thought, Scott makes me laugh a lot, and he therefore counts as one of my favourite people.