Old Front Pages

Ink Blot Page

Ugly blobby background with a sort of linocut-style text overlay. The links are all in an image map. All up, about 38 kilobytes.

The Blue Mass Hysteria Page

Blue Mass Insanity Page

More bandwidth-heavy than my usual run of home pages, this one weighed in at about 55 kilobytes all up. As well as a charming portrait of myself, created by sticking my face over my scanner and hitting the "GO" button, it includes an article detailing various instances of mass hysteria over the last 500 years or so. Why? Beats me, it just seemed like the thing to do at the time.

The yellow table page

Yellow Table Page

A pretty basic and bandwidth-friendly page, consisting of a sliced-up table full of GIF images; mostly text overlaying my logo. The total file size for all html and images is about 20 kilobytes.

The static Flash page

Static Flash Page

The thing which really appeals to me about the Flash format is the fact that, being a vector-based format, it is scaleable without loss of display quality, and file sizes are generally kept very small. Animation is very much a secondary priority for me, though it certainly has its place as an aid to user interactivity. You'll need to have the Flash viewer module installed to view this page in your browser, though most browsers have it installed by default these days.

The skull image map page

Skullmap Page

A Jpeg image map, with supporting text links at the bottom of the page. Total file size is about 40 kilobytes.

The low-bandwidth gridpaper page

Gridpaper Page

Another chopped-up table, originally done in white-on-black, but changed to black-on-white at the last minute. The aim was to minimize file size while still using mostly graphics for the layout — total file sizes came to about 25 kilobytes.

The hideous javascript mouseovers page

Hideous Mouseovers Page

55 kilobytes worth of really, really ugly page design. I don't know what I was thinking.

The Charles Rennie Macintosh image map page

Macintosh Imagemap Page

This one uses a font originally designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh, the famous Glasgow-School designer. These days I would probably do an image-sliced table for this sort of thing; I'm not really all that fond of image maps, mainly because hand-coding the bloody things is a nightmare unless every segment is nice and neatly laid out on a regular grid. 30 kilobytes, or thereabouts.